Based on domestic, to the community to provide high quality coatings, and aspires to become the international first-class product research and development, production, sales and service integrated as a whole of foshan city paint color chemical co., LTD. Was established in 2014, the concept of people-oriented company treats people make the company culture and condensed the coatings industry research and development and marketing talents, now have a good sales and technical staff of about 400 people. Offices at the provincial level and municipal branch company and operated by more than 20, gradually building the marketing network throughout the country.

    As the country's most dynamic and development the fastest one of professional chemical enterprise, the strength of the color of paint chemical growth with the influence that there for all to see.

    So far, the company has developed into to car repair, industry at low temperature, high temperature fluorocarbon, furniture decoration for the main products of diversified chemical companies.

    Company always adhere to the "product to use, rather than buying and selling" principle, to "pass the color value, the achievement wonderful you and I" as the goal, constantly optimize the innovation upgrade products at the same time, also combined with the situation of customers, the establishment of a customer pre-sale and after-sale guarantee system, let the customer from the source to eliminate problems, use more comfortable and at ease. Only to achieve customer satisfaction, can we truly achieve the satisfaction of seller and manufacturer, success to share each other, paint color of chemical constantly surpass users expect the products and services, in good faith and trust, and bring more heartfelt joy for customers.

    Scope of Application: paint the color of chemical industry has been committed to automotive paint application in various industries, currently has a large number of car paint in industrial machinery, metal doors and Windows, aspects such as construction of mature technology, such as advertisement on stainless steel, iron, galvanized tube plate, aluminum alloy, plastic hardware, wood, glass reinforced plastics, and other special substrate.

    Quality Service: our commitment for customers high quality practical coating solutions, development of professional fashion color design, presents the intuitive accurate color management, and provide related products and services, including free training and technical training, technical advice all-round support, to create a "technology + product + service" new sales model, let the customer the demand of one pace reachs the designated position.