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How to solve the problem of water-based paint coating is dry?
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How to solve the problem of water-based paint coating is dry?


How to solve the problem of water-based paint coating is dry?


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As the state encourages furniture environmental protection coating, water-based paint is the trend of the alternatives to traditional solvent coatings. Water-based coating the word in the furniture industry is hot, but as a result of not understanding of water-based paint, furniture enterprises in the process of oil to water "hard to avoid can appear this or that kind of problem! So, in the industry hope in water-based coating and coating technology is mature to explore under the trend of future furniture water-based coating a feasible way.

Recently, on the way of development of water-based coating an event occurred. Furniture exhibition Chen "hand in hand to the federal building industry in the first article of the water-borne UV electrostatic painting line has been successfully trial shot! Exhibition Chen group pioneered waterborne UV electrostatic coating of environmental protection scheme, signifies the highest level of environmental protection coating, with its more environmentally friendly coatings, higher quality, more efficient, more province, and many other advantages will bring unprecedented change to furniture coating, and will lead the new trend in furniture environmental protection coating.

At present, in the process of furniture painting, generally USES are solvent-based coating, such as NC paint, PE paint, PU paint. Coating effect, however, they also can't meet all the technical requirements, the specific performance in semi-closed effect, complex of carve patterns or designs on woodwork process of construction and archaize process construction, etc.

In this background, the water-based coating was the best choice. Since 2010 has furniture companies try to use water-based paint, many trials were carried out in the construction process of waterborne coatings. Water-based coatings diluent on the water, and wood easy to swell, cause of shape, craze, and even mould. Therefore, in the process of using water-based coatings, the coating environment, equipment and coating process must be properly adjusted.



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