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About the cost of water paint and facilities, equipment and tool
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About the cost of water paint and facilities, equipment and tool


About the cost of water paint and facilities, equipment and tool


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The cost of water paint

1, how to understand the water paint unit price?

Product quality, performance, etc., the unit price different easy to understand and accept, but the market rules of the game are often damaged by mercenary man, is to use water paint water "no money" means to reduce solid content and low price sale, manufactured out of the water, dry hard dry (high cost), thin film, coating such as panic, so don't fetch on price shall be accurate measure to cost.


2, unit price and cost the same concept?

Different, different, in the quality, performance and price of different market environment, the unit price can't, the coating area such as the cost per kg concept is the absolute principle.

3, the direct material cost is higher than the water paint paint?

Not necessarily, according to the same film thickness, film performance, and coating effect, water paint now cost high flat paint.

4, how to use the water paint cost?

(1) water paint non-combustible, not simple storage, use safety, reduce fire cost;

(2) the water paint healthy environmental protection, reduce staff safety protection products, is also spending to reduce emissions;

(3) the environmental characteristic of water paint, can improve the product environmental upgrades and product added value;

(4) after returning the lacquer painting work with water won't feel tired like spray paint, appetite, etc and effectively improve the production efficiency; And so on, these will be may effectively reduce furniture enterprise labor costs.


5, how do we measure or compare the direct material cost?

Is the most direct way to take homogeneity, and with the size of the base material, in accordance with the requirements of coating quality, the effect to do the same operation mode, measure the coating and auxiliary materials consumption, finally calculate the coating cost per unit area.

6, coating use, the cost is made up of what parts?

Storage and transportation costs, the cost of materials, accessories consumables cost directly, artificial number and cost of cost efficiency, fire control, occupational disease and site cost, environmental cost and furniture, household products market cost etc.

Water paint equipment and tools

1, original paint coating equipment and tools can continue to use?

Part of the basic can, water paint technology direction is to join the original coating system, only, with 30 1.5 commonly used water paint spray gun is given priority to, can lower air pressure, grind the only dry sand paper.

2, original paint coating equipment, now there are those who need to be improved?

(1) special brush brush it is best to use;

(2) special electrostatic spraying into water;

(3) to infrared radiation, drying, microwave drying, drying circulating hot air drying and low humidity drying;

(4) can introduce the outdoor hot and dry air auxiliary drying.

3, why water paint very special equipment?

(1) the popularity of water paint, and demand is slow, not very good inducements to the equipment technical follow up;

(2) the water paint technology and application, and the paint is far, the precipitation equipment industry technical personnel is difficult to understand and familiar with water paint.

4, use water paint, the most basic need to prepare what on the device?

The most basic is ready to paint drying equipment, water or dry.

5, automatic production line, such as automatic ground wire) can use water paint?

Can, drying methods and speed time to basic similar nitrocellulose lacquer.

6, is the biggest difference between oil and water of electrostatic spraying?

The entire water paint for the insulation of the paint system requires 100%, and guaranteed.

7, manual spray paint paint with water is the biggest difference?

Paint often adopt cross spray, water spray wet often use a gun.



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